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Domestic and Small Commercial Ozone Water & Air Purifiers


MSP-1K 300mg/hour with self contained pump.

Easy to use, compact and powerful enough for ozone air and water purification,

drinking water, spa/Jacuzzi, home and office, restaurant, bar and kitchen.

Ozone is pumped and piped so can easily feed into ducting (air conditioning etc) or car caravan and truck/van.

Now only R 1 498.00 (SA Rands)

All prices Ex Vat and Ex-freight

Eco-Tec300ST Variable Output and Timer 200 to 400mg/hr ozone purifier for air and water

Now on Promotion @ R 3 995.00 ex VAT ex Freight

Comes with air dryer, tubing and diffuser stone

The newest version has a lot of improvements. It is all digitally controlled. It provides a soundless ozone output because of the higher frequencies used in the power source.


Max. Ozone Output 200mg/hr without connection to air dryer
500mg/hr with connection to air dryer
Adjustable Ozone output 10% to 100% of Max. ozone output
Internal Air Pump Output 1-2L/Min; 50~60Hz
Timer 1,3,5,10,20,30,, 90min timers and constant ON function
Wattage 10W
Internal Air Pump Air Pressure 17kpa
Ozone Generating Method Corona Discharge (Ozone Tube)
Gas Resource Ambient Air
Air Inlet Dim 6.5mm
Outlet Dim 6.5mm
Power Source AC110V 60Hz or AC240V 50Hz
Body Size 115mmX215mmX55mm
Net Weight 800g
Power Cable 1-1.5 m in length
Case Plastic injection moulding


1. Highly efficient corona discharge ozone production technology with low power consumption (10W).
2. Adjustable ozone output.
3. Silent and vibration-free built in air pump.
4. Work together with 200 ml Air Dryer.
5. Comes with 2 sets of high quality air hoses and ceramic diffuser stones.
6. Free ozone application guide.
7. Compact and durable design.
8. Installation free, use instantly.

Eco-Tec500AF Variable & Timer Air/Water ozonator kit:

On promo @ R 5 600.00 All prices exclude VAT and exclude Freight

Comes with Air dryer, 3 sets Tubing and Diffuser stone





Model Name: Eco-Tec500 Variable/Timer Air/Water
Max. Ozone Output: 400mg/h without connection to air dryer; 500+mg/hr with connection to air dryer
Ozone output: adjustable
Internal Air Pump Output: 4-5 L/min
Wattage: <16W
Timer: 0-50 min timer
24 hour ON/OFF circular timer
Ozone Generating Method: Corona Discharge (Ozone Tube)
Gas Resource: Ambient Air
Air inlet Dia: 6.5mm Outlet Dia: 6.5mm
Power Source: AC110-120V or AC220-240V
Body Size: 240 X 280 X 120mm
Net Weight: 2.4kg
Power Cable: 1-1.5m in length
Case: Plastic

1. 24 hour ON/OFF circular timer
2. Min. working time length is 1 minute; longest working time is 24 hours. It can be set by time unit of 1 minute.
3. It can be set by either one time working timer or recycle working timer.
4. It can work by air pump only (ozone function can be closed individually )
5. High output air pump included.
6. Buy and use. No other equipment needed.

Drinking water purification
Water pollutant purification
Raise oxygen level in water
Mold, mildew, e-coli and virus removal
Food preservation
Sterilization and disinfection
Insect prevention (discourages cockroach, tick, housefly, mosquito)

Eco-Lab-24 Ozone Generator for Laboratory/Medical

On promo @ R 6 995.00 All prices exclude VAT and exclude Freight

Eco-Lab-24 is the updated laboratory ozone generator of 1000BT-12 with muted working sound (<30DB). It is also a compact version. This ozone generator uses high output Corona Discharge Ozone Tube, together with a high flow ball bearing Cooling Fan (48 CFM) to ensure steady and high ozone output (up to 1000mg/hr plus by oxygen), ideal for treating drinking water from a water tank or a well and many other industrial applications.
This ozone generator has no built in air pump so that it can be fed with different air sources, such as pure oxygen from an oxygen tank or an oxygen concentrator, and ambient air (with the use of an external air pump).
The Ozone Output Regulating Dial allows precise ozone output adjustments (0~100%), making it ideal for working together with a Redox (ORP) controller for fish pond and aquarium applications.
This ozone generator is ideal for ozone applications that require a different air source than ambient air, as well as for high ozone output applications that most other home ozone generators cannot provide.

Model Name: Eco-Lab-24
Max Ozone Output: 1000mg/h, adjustable
Pump Output: Not included, external gas supply equipment is needed
Power Source: DC24V/100mA ( AC (100V-240V 50-60Hz 40W) to DC adaptor is included )
Ozone Generating Method: Corona Discharge (Ozone Tube)
Dimension: 240mmX155mmX120mm
Net Weight 2.0 kg
Case: High strength painted metal.
Materials on Ozone Path: Glass, Stainless Steel, Silicone, High-density polyethylene.

1.Low working noise (less than 30DB).
2. High output corona discharge ozone tube with low power consumption (25W).
3. High flow ball bearing cooling fan (48 CFM).
3. Precise ozone output calibration.
4. Can be fed with different air sources.
5. Compact and rugged construction.

Max. Ozone Output:
1. Oxygen input (25 degree C) :
Oxygen flow (L/min)                 Ozone output (mg/H)
          0.5                                                990
            1                                               1100
            1.5                                            1250
2. Dry air input (25 degree C, with air dryer):
Ozone output: 300 mg/h, Air flow: 1.0 L/min

Ozonated Drinking Water

Benefits of Ozonated Drinking Water:-

provides more oxygen to the brain (greater alertness and mental clarity)
oxidize pathogens and synthetics residues in the body, allowing their complete elimination through excretion.
increases the oxygen level of cells and accelerates the healing process.
Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a natural by-product of most ozone oxidizing processes.

Hydrogen peroxide is another great natural alternative for one's health.

Ozonated water is highly beneficial for either healthy or sickly people.
It's easy to make and should be consumed regularly


How To make Ozonated water

Items Needed::

Glass or Pitcher
Ice blocks
Ozone Generator - approx 500mg/hr output
Air Pump (if ozone generator doesn't have a built-in one) - at least 2 L/min
Aerator / air stone - must be made of ozone-resistant material
1 metre of Silicone Tubing - to connect aerator to ozone outlet on ozone generator
1 metre of Silicone Tubing - to connect air pump to ozone generator ( if required)





Fill half of the Glass / Pitcher with ice blocks
Fill the rest of the glass up with water
Connect the one end of the silicone tube to the attachment on the aerator, and the other end to the "ozone out" feed through on the ozone generator.
If no pump is built-in, connect a length of silicone tubing to the air pump outlet and connect the other end of the silicone tubing to the "air in" outlet on the ozone generator
Power on both the ozone generator and the air pump ( if required ) You should feel and hear air bubbling out of the airstone and you should notice an ozone smell ( a clean, crisp smell similar to the smell experienced after an electrical storm )
Place the aerator in the glass. You should see lots of tiny bubbles developing inside the glass jar.
You can bubble ozone in the water for approx 2 minutes if you have a 300 mg/hr ozone machine.
After approx 2 minutes, power off the ozone generator (and air pump) and remove the aerator from the glass.
Drink the Ozonated water as soon as you can after making it. The ozone is constantly coming out of solution and will completely dissipate in about 20 minutes, so the sooner you drink it, the more ozone you'll get.

The purpose of the ice is to make the water as cold as possible in order to absorb more ozone and hold onto it for a longer period of time. Room temperature water loses its ozone within a few minutes.

(Disclaimer - You should consult your health practitioner before trying any product that could affect your health.)

HV103T @ R 5 650.00 Ex Vat and Ex-factory

Domestic Water & Air Purifier HV103T


Shown Here below Deodorizing a Vehicle

For a free consultation regarding your needs please fill in your contact and inquiry details in an email and send to Click Here: info@pureozone.com